Top 5 New Soccer Cleats and Shoes

Along with the right skills, joining a soccer field also requires the right gear, especially shoes. Whether you are a speedster or a playmaker your choice of soccer cleats can make a crucial difference in your performance. A properly fitted shoe provides you with better grip and stability, increasing on ground performance. Amidst multiple brands offering cleats and shoes, Soccer is taking the lead. 

Soccer offers a wide range of top-quality equipment, apparel, and accessories tailored for players of all levels. Here is a list of the top 5 Soccer cleats and shoes by the brand that you can opt for.

Best 5 Shoes and Cleats by Soccer

Following are the top shoes and cleats by Soccer that every player must have. 

Adidas Predator Elite FG

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Adidas Predator Elite FG Firm is the latest collection of cleats prepared from advanced technology using recycled materials. These cleats are reputed for providing strong traction and a firm grip on the ground. 

Here are some other features of the cleats. 

  • Support long playing hours 

  • The ControlFrame 2.0 outsole ensures enhanced stability and control 

  • Maintain touch even at top speeds. 

  • Increase comfort and adaptive support. 

Buy Adidas Predator Elite FG Firm Ground Soccer Cleat in USD 259.99 and leave a mark on the field with your performance.

Nike Zoom Mercurial Vapor

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This latest cleat boasts a three quarter length articulated Zoom Air bag designed for game changers. Available in lemonade black color with central lacing to level up your game.

Here are some more features of the Nike Zoom shoes. 

  • The Mercurial Zoom airbag features flex grooves for flexibility and sits directly inside the soleplate.

  • Allows to bring the foot closer to the field for maximum snappy and propulsive energy return. 

  • A redesigned Vaporposite Plus upper combines grip-enhancing chevron mesh with a Flyknit lining for better control at high speeds. 

  • A data driven Speed Cage support system provides lockdown. 

  • The Air Zoom Mercurials new Tri-Star stud design powers both lateral and downhill movement for faster play in all directions.

To avail of these features Buy Nike Zoom Mercurial Vapor 15 Elite FG Soccer Cleat in USD 259.99.

Puma Future 7 Ultimate FG/AG

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Puma Future 7 Ultimate FG/AG Firm is built from high quality material and customised according to the foot. 

Following are more features of Puma.

  • Supportive fit with 360 degree freedom of movement. 

  • Future fit tech allows the cleat to be worn with or without laces. 

  • 3D grip textures are designed to enhance pure control over the ball and allow you to maximize connective play. 

  • The dynamic motion system outsole amplifies your stability and agility 

  • It has traction for unpredictable changes of direction, with or without the ball at your feet.

Buy Puma Future 7 Ultimate FG/AG Firm available from USD 239.99.

Mizuno Alpha Pro AS

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Mizuno Alpha Pro AS Soccer Shoe guarantees unparalleled comfort with alpha designed woven pattern. The Alpha is available in iconic white gold color. 

Following are some other features of Mizuno Alpha. 

  • These soccer shoes are crated for play on artificial grass, the AS sole provides optimal performance.

  • Made with high quality material 

  • Upper material stretches laterally, but not along the length of the foot.

  • Optimal pattern for fitting reduces lateral shifting during intense play.

To buy Mizuno Alpha Pro AS Soccer Shoe customers have to pay only USD 139.99. 

New Balance Furon v7

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New Balance Furon v7 has a cleat built for comfort and accuracy. Alongside comfortable, the shoes are also ultra comfortable, thanks to the usage of advanced manufacturing technology. 

Here are some more features

  • To provide crucial areas of stretchy support these soccer cleats are made with a re-engineered Hypoknit upper.

  • Allows you to take advantage of an increased strike zone with offset lacing and a form-fitting canopy. 

  • Made with a feathery midfoot that delivers lockdown and stability to stay attached to the action.

  • Comes with a v-shaped outsole and a 3D tongue tab for a potent grip.

Buy the New Balance Furon v7 to change your game for just USD 169.99.

In the dynamic world of soccer footwear, Soccer is the largest name in the world of soccer-specialty retailers and has been delivering quality footwear and other gear. Be ready to celebrate for their cutting-edge technology and design and promise to be your trusted companions on the pitch. 

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