Must-Have Construction Tools For Beginners By Fixami

Developing a passion for DIY can lead you to make amazing constructions, you can learn how to fix things on your own which can save you money and keep you occupied when you learn how to do it on your own. Good tools are what you need to make your projects neat and easy to do. 

Fixami is your choice for the best tools and equipment to help you with your projects. They have been supplying great quality goods since 2007 and have a wide range to choose from. Here are some of their must-haves

Knipex 90 25 20 Pipe cutter for coupling pipes - 210mm

As a beginner, you might have a few tools in your toolbox but when I tell you this pipe cutter is a must-have it's because what it does cannot be done by a random hacksaw. The Knipex 90 25 20 Pipe cutter cuts the pipes of 12-35 millimeters without putting a lot of effort and time into a piece, the cut is precise, smooth, and consistent. It is a great quality equipment that can save you time, cut through different materials, and do a lot of work in one go without tiring yourself


  • Works best with plastic pipes

  • Can cut the pipe of a minimum be 12mm and a maximum of 35mm

  • With 210mm of total length, this tool can easily be carried and put in a toolbox

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Save yourself from the hassle of cutting pipes with the wrong tools and get Knipex 90 25 20 Pipe cutter for coupling pipes - 210mm for €79.79

Griffon 6307285 Caulking gun professional

Make sure your DIY project succeeds with the Griffon 6307285 Caulking gun. A caulking gun is a powerful tool that offers controlled dispensing of sealants, adhesives and caulks with precision and ease. It ensures a neat, even bead application, reducing waste and making the process more efficient and economical. You can use it to fill in sealing gaps, cracks, and joints to prevent leaks and drafts. With its handy design, the gun can be used with various tubes ensuring a neat finish without putting pressure on your hand making it an essential and convenient tool for achieving high-quality results in construction and renovation tasks.


  • This caulking gin supports a container size of 310 ml

  • It is easy to use with minimum effort applied

  • Fills up even the smallest cracks and very precise spaces


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Don't miss those thin cracks and caulk them with Griffon 6307285 Caulking Gun Professional which comes for €21.99

Fiskars S90 Scissors

A good pair of scissors combines several essential features that enhance their performance, durability, and user comfort. Fiskars S90 Scissors is a high-quality scissor that has sharp, precise blades made from good materials that ensure clean cuts and retain their sharpness over time. Its ergonomic handles provide comfort and reduce hand fatigue, making them suitable for extended use. These scissors can be used in households, gardens, and in arts and crafts. It is a must-have for your toolkit even as a beginner.


  • These scissors have sharp blades of stainless steel

  • Plastic handles provide you with a firm grip

  • With a length of 21cm, they can be used to cut plants or a thin paper


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Fiskars S90 Scissors are multipurpose, get them for €26.09 and use them for different household requirements

Bahco 429-16 Claw Hammer - 450g - 28mm

If you are a professional or someone who likes to build DIY projects, a hammer is a basic tool that everyone has to have in their tool collection, But a perfect size and efficiency are what make any hammer a good tool. Bahco 429-16 Claw Hammer - 450g - 28mm is a useful piece of equipment known for its balanced weight and ergonomic design. This claw hammer is used in a wide range of tasks such as breaking small construction, driving a nail, and removing the nail from the claw. 


  • With a weight of 450g, this hammer gives the maximum impact

  • Made with an alloy steel that ensures proper grip and durability

  • The Octagonal Neck and round head design add to its functionality

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Whether you want to construct or deconstruct something Bahco 429-16 Claw Hammer can be your help. Get it for €22.09

Wiha ZP 99 0 14 SMD tweezers set Professional ESD - 4 pieces

Are you someone who likes to work with minimalistic objects? If yes then this is an essential tweezer kit specially designed to cater to such DIYs. The kit has 4 tweezers each to perform a different job. This multipurpose set is your reliable partner for SMD work, you can use it for precision to deal with thin wires and small chips or to deal with studs and thin chains. It gives you a firm grip and better control so that you can focus on your task without worrying about your grip being unstable.


  • The set has 4 unique tweezers

  • Best for Surface Mounted Device

  • This tool is Electrostatically discharging

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Do not shy away from tiny objects and control them firmly with Wiha ZP 99 0 14 SMD tweezers set Professional ESD, which has 4 tweezers for the price of €77.69 only 


With these tools, you can start any construction project you want knowing that you are well-equipped with everything you need. The quality of Fixami tools makes them reliable and easy to use which protects you from accidents and hazards that can mess up your project or cause harm, so grab these tools and get to work.


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