New Arrival Electric Bikes By Rad Power Bikes

Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, are bicycles with integrated electric motors that assist riders with propulsion. E-bikes come in various styles, from mountain bikes to commuter bikes, and are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to make cycling more accessible and enjoyable.


Rad Power Bikes is the biggest electric bike brand in North America, and this brand's mission is to transform how people travel. The brand aims to provide exceptional service with innovative electric bikes that suit any situation and are affordable for everyone. The brand envisions a future where getting around is eco-friendly, fun, and available to everyone.


Following are new arrival electric bikes by Rad Power Bikes.

Rad Power Bikes New Arrival E-Bikes 

Rad Power Bikes continues to revolutionize the e-bike market with its latest new arrivals. Known for combining quality with technology, these new bike models promise to deliver an even more exceptional riding experience. Whether you’re commuting to work, exploring trails, or just enjoying a ride around the town, these new e-bikes offer a perfect blend of performance, comfort, and style.


Here are the 4 new arrivals Rad Power Bikes E-Bikes with more than 1 class and monitor assistance:

Radster Trail - Electric Off-Road Bike

This bike offers Class 1 and Class 2 speed settings, allowing speeds up to 20 mph with a throttle and pedal combination. Enhance security with a control lock via a fob or code. This Electric Off-Road Bike keeps track of speed and distance with the speedometer and odometer, respectively, and monitors trip time and reset before each ride. It adjusts the pedal assist level checks motor power usage and makes sure the device is charging with the USB charge indicator.


Below are the details of Radster Trail - Electric Off-Road Bike:


  • Gearing 1x8 speed.

  • It has grips which are made up of ergonomic rubber comfort.

  • Charges at an estimated 40-104 km per.

  • Rear rack 55 lb (25 kg) integrated carrying capacity.


Available in regular and large. Comes in Fir Green color. 



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To avail of all these features in one Buy Radster Trail - Electric Off-Road Bike priced at $2,699.

RadWagon 5 - Electric Cargo Bike

When you hop on your bike, you've got options to choose from. You can go to Class 1, where the throttle kicks in only when you pedal, or Class 2, where you can use the throttle anytime. Electric Cargo Bike keeps an eye on your speed with the speedometer, tracks your distance with the odometer, and knows how much juice is left in your battery. If you need an extra boost, check out the pedal assist level. Plus, make sure you're visible with the lights and keep your devices charged with the USB indicator.


Listed are the details of RadWagon 5 - Electric Cargo Bike:


  • 5 PAS Levels Torque Sensor.

  • Gearing 1x7 speed.

  • 552 mm x 34.9 mm Telescoping, Seatpost.

  • 20" x 3.3" Kenda Tires.


Available in metallic blue and black.



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To have a fully packed feature E-bike Buy this RadWagon 5 - Electric Cargo Bike priced at $2,949.

Radster Road - Electric Commuter Bike

Choose your ride's speed settings from Class 1 for up to 20 mph with throttle only while pedaling, or Class 2 for up to 20 mph while pedaling or throttling. For added security, lock and unlock controls with a fob or security code. Electric Commuter Bike keeps track of your speed with the speedometer and monitors your distance with the odometer. It tracks trip time and pedal assist level. It also monitors motor power and ensures visibility with lights and turn signals.


Mentioned are the details of Radster Road - Electric Commuter Bike:


  • Contains a dual-sided chain ring cover.

  • Has an adjustable angle kickstand.

  • Freewheel 11-34T with 8-speed.

  • 180 mm x 1.8 mm Brake Rotors.


Available in only bay blue color. Plus, comes in regular and large sizes.



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To avail of the commuter E-Bike features Buy Radster Road - Electric Commuter Bike priced at $2,699.

RadExpand 5 Plus - Electric Folding Bike

This E-Bike offers two-speed options, In Class 1, you can reach speeds of up to 20 mph with throttle only while pedaling, while Class 2 allows the same speed with throttle or pedaling. Stay informed about your speed using the speedometer and track distances traveled with the odometer. Electric Folding Bike keeps an eye on battery life with the estimated remaining range display. It also customizes motor assistance levels from 0 to 5. Monitor motor power with the motor watts display. This bike verifies the device charging status with the USB charge indicator.


These are the details of RadExpand 5 Plus - Electric Folding Bike:


  • Range estimated 32-97 km per charge.

  • Gemma GA-1000B, Hydraulic Disc brake system.

  • 680 mm wide Almunium handlebar.

  • Has a 390 mm x 27.2 mm seatpost.


Available in slate blue and stone tan colors.



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To have a foldable E-Bike Buy this RadExpand 5 Plus - Electric Folding Bike priced at $2,499.


Rad Power Bikes creates affordable electric bikes for various lifestyles, including city living, outdoor adventures, family outings, and more. Their diverse styles, such as foldable and practical designs with extra storage, cater to every need. Whether you're exploring the city or hitting the trails, Rad Power Bikes has the perfect ride for you.


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