Top Road Trip Vans Under $100 By Camplify

Road trip vans are spacious, well-equipped vehicles ideal for long journeys. These vans provide comfort, cooking facilities, and storage, making them portable homes for exploring various places. At night, park in designated areas or RV parks for a cozy sleep. These types of vans are essential for adventure-seeking travelers craving comfort and spontaneity.


In just five years, Camplify has become Australia`s top spot for sharing vans. With many different vacationers and lots of various types of vans to rent all over the country, it`s making the van life easy for everyone. Families can make some extra money by renting out their vans, and people dreaming of their own business can start with Camplify. 


The following are the top road trip vans under $100 by Camplify.

Camplify Top Road Trip Vans Under $100

Road trip vans’ major benefit is that it offers the freedom to explore new places at your own pace, with the convenience of having everything you need on board. Camplify offers the flexibility to adjust plans and embrace spontaneous adventures. With comfortable sleeping arrangements and kitchen facilities, road trip vans provide a cost-effective and adventurous travel experience.


Here are the Camplify top road trip vans that are under $100:


Wally B - KPI Caravan Hire

The Jayco Swift is a camper trailer van from 2018, about 14 feet long. It has enough space that four people can sleep in it. When towing, it has a tow ball weight of 69.0kg and a total weight (Tare weight) of 863.0kg. The maximum weight it can handle (Gross trailer mass) is 1100.0kg. If you want, it can be delivered within 300 km of Duncraig. You have to rent it for at least 3 days.



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For easy setup hire now Wally B - KPI Caravan Hire rent prices start from $85.


Jayco Hawk Outback

The Jayco Hawk Outback is a camper van trailer from 2005, measuring about 14 feet long. It`s designed to accommodate up to 5 people inside. When towing, it has a tow ball weight of 134.0kg and a tare weight (empty weight) of 1088.0kg. The maximum weight it can handle (gross trailer mass) is 1254.0kg. If you want, it can be delivered within 100 km of Lake Munmorah. You have to rent it for at least 3 days. 



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To have this electric brake van hire now Jayco Hawk Outback rent prices start from $70.


Lightweight Swifty

The Jayco Swift Van from 2012 is a small trailer, just 16.00 feet long. It`s comfy inside, with room for four people to sleep. It`s not too heavy, weighing 825.0kg when empty, but it can handle up to 1125.0kg when packed up. Plus, it has electric brakes to help it stop safely when towing. So, whether you`re off for a quick trip or a longer vacation, the Jayco Swift is a reliable and cozy option for camping adventures. You need a big car like a sedan or SUV to tow it, and the owner gives you a brake controller. You have to rent it for at least five days, and you can pick it up in Springfield.



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For longer vacations hire now Lightweight Swifty rent prices start from $55.


2010 All Terrain Full-Off Road


All Terrain Camper Van Trailer, a 2010 model known as the Full Off-Road 17`. It spans 14.00 feet and can house four people inside, with room for two more outside. Weighing in at 900.0kg with a tow ball weight of 80.0kg, it has a gross trailer mass of 1500.0kg. What`s more, it`s equipped with manual override brakes, making towing hassle-free without the need for a controller. The shortest time you can rent it is three days.



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To avail of pet-friendly benefits in the van hire now 2010 All Terrain Full-Off Road rent prices start from $50.


Hitting the road for a fun adventure doesn`t have to cost a fortune. With vans rent priced under $100, you can explore without worrying about breaking the bank. These budget-friendly vans by Camplify offer everything you need for a comfortable journey, without the high price tag. Whether you`re cruising through scenic landscapes or heading to your favorite camping spot, these affordable options make traveling accessible to everyone. So, gather your friends or family, pack your things, and get ready for an unforgettable road trip experience.


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