Top Road Trip Vans By Camplify

After half a decade Down Under, Camplify has developed into Australia`s premier van-sharing platform, trusted by countless travelers. Showing a vast array of unique vans for hire and a thriving community of over 50,000 holidaymakers, Camplify is democratizing the van life experience for all. From families seeking to monetize their out-of-order vehicles to entrepreneurs venturing into the rental market, Camplify is fostering Australia`s largest community of van entrepreneurs. Camplify is proud to have given out over $30 million to the community and helped start more than 200 small rental businesses, supporting growth across the country.


Following are the best road trip vans by Camplify.


Camplify Top 3 Road Trip Vans 

Camplify started in Newcastle, Australia, when Justin Hales, wanted to go caravaning like when he was a kid. But when he looked for a caravan to rent, he noticed lots of them just sitting in people`s driveways not being used. So, he got excited about the idea of making camping holidays easier for everyone and started Camplify in Australia in 2015.


So, here are the top 3 road trips vans best for camping:


SEABIRD - offers for longer stays

Enjoy the warmth and sunshine in the well-ventilated camper space, designed to be spacious yet compact enough to fit in a regular parking spot. Sink into the comfort of a cozy bed with soft pillows and quality linen, and take advantage of rich storage including external access for camp chairs, a table, and a portable cooker for outdoor cooking. This trusted Toyota 2.7 Hilux effortlessly navigates the island`s hills and bends while being fuel-efficient. The pop-top feature keeps the vehicle compact on the road, making it easy to drive and park when you`re in town, and of course, nothing beats the feeling of sinking into a comfortable bed after a day of adventure.


Some of the features of SEABIRD - offers for longer stays:


  • Fully equipped kitchen with gas cooker and outdoor option.

  • Excellent fridge and shared pantry.

  • Onboard water supply, dining options inside and out.

  • Double mattress with cozy topper and queen-size doona.

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To avail of these vans more features buy this SEABIRD - offers for longer stays priced at $110.

Byron Bliss

Byron Bliss is perfect for a clean pop-top camper trailer that is custom-made for cozy couple getaways. Moreover, it’s best for smaller families seeking to unwind and forge lasting memories. It has a spacious sleeping arrangement and comfortably accommodates three adults or two adults and 2 to 3 small children, with a double bed at the rear and a king-size single at the front. Camplify`s `Delivery & Set Up` service exclusively serves the joy of camping without the hassle of difficult setup and packing procedures. 


These are the features of Byron Bliss:


  • The van can accommodate 4 people. 

  • Van is 2.44 m (8 feet) long.

  • It has a fire and smoke detector.

  • Contains a GPS tracker.

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For easy camping with your family, purchase this Byron Bliss priced at  $70.

Austrack Camper with Bunks

The 2021 Model Austrack Tanami X 15 Hybrid Family Caravan with Bunks is the ultimate solution for off-grid adventures or campground stays. Featuring both an outdoor and indoor kitchen, it ensures you`re equipped for any culinary application. With its spacious king-size bed and two bunk beds (a single upper and a double lower), it comfortably accommodates both individuals and families. Whether you`re seeking remote tranquility or campground conveniences, this caravan offers the best of both worlds.


Mentioned are the features of Austrack Camper with Bunks: 


  • Van is 4.57 m (15 feet) long.

  • It has a fire and smoke detector.

  • Contains a GPS tracker.

  • Consists of a 7-pin plug.

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To enjoy both outdoor and indoor van lifestyles buy this Austrack Camper with Bunks priced at $120.


After five years in Australia, Camplify has grown into the country`s top van-sharing platform, earning the trust of numerous travelers, with a diverse selection of unique vans available to be rented. Whether it`s families looking to make the most of their unused vehicles or ambitious individuals entering the rental market, Camplify is cultivating Australia`s largest network of van entrepreneurs.


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