Best Salomon Backpacks for Hiking and Trail Adventures

f you are an adventurer in search of a reliable backpack for your next hiking or trail adventure, consider Salomon. Their wide range of hiking bags is known for durability and comfort. Thanks to current promotions, now is the perfect time to invest in a quality backpack and save significantly.

We compiled a selection of Salomons finest backpacks to help you quickly find the perfect match and proceed with your adventure.

Top 4 Backpacks By Salomon


We have handpicked the best backpacks by Salomon that you can opt for. 


XT 15

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The XT 15 from Salomon stands out as a versatile unisex hiking bag, currently available with a 30 percent discount. Designed for the rigors of intense adventures, the ultra-stable XT 15 rucksack is light, weighing in at just 445 gm, making it ideal for biking, hiking, and exploration. It offers a wealth of storage options, providing ample space to carry not just the essentials but much more.

This backpack features a padded back panel and an adjustable belt for comfort, two front pockets with zip access for easy entry, and double adjustable sternum straps for a secure fit. It is designed to work with soft flasks up to 500ml and is compatible with a 2L reservoir for hydration on the go. 

TrailBlazer 10

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The TrailBlazer 10 , currently offered at a 20 percent discount, is Salomon`s versatile option for those seeking a lightweight and comfortable bag for their daily adventures. This unisex backpack is perfectly suited for brief hikes or rides, thanks to its minimal weight of 334 grams and a compact 10 liter capacity.

Designed with practicality in mind, it includes a dedicated space for a hydration reservoir. Its elastic sternum strap is engineered to accommodate the natural expansion of your chest during intense activity, ensuring comfort and stability. 

Organization is straightforward, with a main compartment accessible via a zip, an internal slot for a hydration reservoir, and a top pocket equipped with a key holder. 

Emphasizing environmental responsibility, the TrailBlazer 10 by Salomon is PFC-free, aligning with modern eco-friendly standards. To preserve its integrity and performance, cleaning methods such as washing are not recommended.

MTN 30

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The MTN 30, a versatile unisex ski bag from Salomon, is currently available at a 20 percent discount. You can choose from two different sizes to ensure a perfect fit for maximum comfort. Inspired by Salomon`s trail running backpacks, this model combines mobility, stability, and comfort into one sleek design.


Weighing in at 911 gm and boasting a 30-liter capacity, this backpack offers ample storage options. You can expect convenient features like a back access compartment, multiple ski holder positions and a padded back panel.

Trailblazer 30

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Introducing the Trailblazer 30, an outstanding choice from Salomon, and it`s currently on sale with a generous 20 percent discount. This unisex everyday bag, available in a single size, boasts a design that prioritizes simplicity. Whether you`re planning extended hikes, long rides, or tourist explorations, the Trailblazer 30 has got you covered.

With a weight of just 552 gm and a generous 30L capacity, this backpack offers both convenience and versatility. The inclusion of stretch side pockets ensures easy access to your essential gear. 

Comfort is a top priority with the Trailblazer 30 by Salomon, featuring a padded back, shoulder straps, and belt strap that provide stability during your journeys. So, invest in the Trailblazer 30 today and elevate your outdoor adventures to the next level.

In your quest for the perfect backpack for hiking and trail adventures, Salomon emerges as the go-to choice for adventurers seeking durability and comfort. With ongoing promotions, now is the opportune moment to secure a high-quality backpack at significant savings.

Each of these backpacks boasts its unique set of features, from lightweight designs and hydration compatibility to ample storage options and durability. Whether you`re embarking on a brief hike, an extended trek, or exploring as a tourist, Salomon backpacks are equipped to enhance your journey.

Take advantage of the current discounts and embark on your next adventure with confidence. Your perfect hiking and trail companion awaits – seize the opportunity to elevate your outdoor experiences with Salomon.