A Look At Lacrosse Monkeys Product Range To Figuring Out The Right Sized Shoulder Pads

I am an enthusiast of playing Lacrosse, as this sport`s rhythmic pace and strategic intensity captivate me like no other sport. The rush of the field, the thrill of every pass, and the camaraderie among teammates make playing lacrosse an exhilarating journey that I cherish with my best friends.

We play together and I am the best player in between them so in the realm of the lacrosse field, I find both challenge and solace, where my love for the game truly comes alive. However, when it comes to playing lacrosse, having the right gear can significantly impact performance and safety on the field.

Most people don’t know, one crucial piece of equipment that often gets overlooked but is essential for protection and maneuverability is shoulder pads. Selecting the right-sized shoulder pads can significantly enhance your performance and safety on the lacrosse field.

I can recognize the best place to choose the right-sized shoulder pads, renowned name Lacrosse Monkey, a reputable brand known for its sports equipment, offers a range of shoulder pads that cater to various sizes and preferences. In this blog, I am going to guide to walk you through the steps of finding the right-sized shoulder pads using Lacrosse Monkey`s products as a reference, stay with me to know.

The Right-Sized Shoulder Pads Matter for a Nice Play

This is really important to understand of selecting the correct-sized shoulder pads before diving into the specifics. Shoulder pads serve as a crucial layer of protection, shielding you from impact and potential injuries during intense gameplay.

Most people don’t know that Ill-fitting pads can restrict their movement, hinder their performance, and even compromise their safety. While, the right-sized shoulder pads provide comfort, protection, and freedom of movement, enhancing the overall playing experience. Here I am writing 4 must-read guiding steps for choosing the right shoulder pads:

1. Chest Measure

The first step in finding the perfect shoulder pads is to measure the chest accurately. You should start by using a flexible tape measure, and wrap it around the widest part of your chest, just below your armpits. Make sure the tape measure is snug but not too tight, must record this measurement in inches.

2. Consider Playing Style

The one who is passionate to play this sport, exactly knows that lacrosse players have different playing styles, and this can influence the type of shoulder pads they should opt for. If you`re an attacker, just like me, you might prefer lighter and more mobile pads that allow for quick movements and shots. Midfielders often need a balance between protection and mobility, one of my friends is a master. Defenders might opt for bulkier pads that provide maximum coverage and protection.

3. Refer to the Sizing Charts

Once you have your chest measurement and an idea of your playing style, refer to Lacrosse Monkey`s sizing charts. These charts will help you match your chest measurement with the appropriate size of shoulder pads. Remember that different brands might have slightly different sizing, so it`s essential to consult the specific chart for the product you`re interested in.

4. Check Products Range

You’d love to explore Lacrosse Monkey’s products, as the store offers a wide variety of shoulder pads to cater to different player preferences. Let`s explore a few of their products to give you an idea of what`s available:

·      STX Stallion 700 Shoulder pads are designed for intermediate to advanced players. They offer a high level of protection and are equipped with adjustable straps for a customizable fit.

·        TRUE Zerolyte Shoulder Pads engineered for speed and mobility, these pads are perfect for offensive players. They provide excellent protection without sacrificing agility.

·     Maverik MX EKG Lacrosse Shoulder Pad are known for their innovative design, these pads offer a blend of comfort and protection. They are suitable for players looking for a balance between maneuverability and coverage.

·    STX Cell 5 Lacrosse Shoulder Pads are flexible protection for the power player. They provide increased adjustability for a locked-in, comfortable fit. 7-point stretch zones for a full range of mobility.

·      Maverik Shift EKG Lacrosse Shoulder Pad is best for the next evolution in protection. These pads allow you to be able to remove certain pads without compromising your protection. The newly updated SHIFT EKG plate now has a four-point deflection system that deflects the ball if a player gets hit. The shoulder pads are adjustable, so they won’t distract a player from the game.

By following these steps and using Lacrosse Monkey`s product range as a reference, you`ll be better equipped to make an informed decision. Remember that comfort, protection, and mobility should be your top priorities when choosing shoulder pads. Whether you`re an attacker, midfielder, or defender, investing in the right equipment will undoubtedly contribute to your success and enjoyment of the game.